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Finding Xzero Yzero

Hey, this may seem like a stupid question, but I was wondering what methods you guys used to make sure your piece is always exactly where you want it when you're going ahead with the cut or engrave on a piece that cannot go wrong. What I did was draw a 50mm line along Xzero and the same against Yzero to form a right angle, and then engraved this into the aluminium base-plate. I then layered four or five layers of masking tape along these lines so that I can push my wood/card/material up into this corner to find exactly zero.

It's not perfect but I think that is down to the straightness of my masking tape.

I just wanted to know what other methods people use.IMG-20150326-WA0000


  • I've placed a wooden base on the metal base which I engraved lines onto and I just align according to the lines. Works for me for now but I will figure out something better.
  • You need clearance for the laser shroud to pass over. Less than 1mm.
    I did the same as Pedal projects when I started, wooden base secured to the metal base.
    Engraved the zero lines.
    Once I had that established then I glued a heavy card, slightly smaller than the cut area to the wood,
    I glued outside the zero lines then I cut the card with the laser and removed the unglued part from the wood base.
    This gave me what I needed.
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