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Laser Engraving Laminates


I was curious if anyone knows if the Emblaser would be capable of engraving and cutting on laser engraving laminates that have a thin top layer in one color and the underlying layer color is revealed after etching as described here:

And laminates such as these:

And if it is possible, does anyone know what thickness would be required and a good place to buy it from?


  • I'm not sure but this sounds like something similar to what I do. I spray paint metal enclosures with two colours, leaving the layer underneath visible as the artwork. Check out to see photos of my products. They're all laser engraved (except for the hand painted ones of course!).
  • Yes, similar. I bought plastic 2 color laminate to to try out but they recommend using 35W power.
  • I have extensive experience with a 40w C02 laser and the power difference between it at the Emblaser is huge but for the task I do, I'm using a slow speed and maybe 90/255 power. With the C02 laser I was using around 17% power and 25% speed. I don't know if that tells you anything.
  • I have actually already bought some of those Rowmark products, but I haven't used them yet. I'll let you know.
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