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Working with Leather

Hi There,

I just finished the assembly of the Laser - yehhhh!
I was wondering, if you can help me with the basic parameters that you would use to engrave in leather. Also, does any body has any tips on working with leather?

Thanks and hello from Canada! Sven


  • Sven,
    Congratulations on the assembling. Enjoy.

    Make sure you have good ventilation when engraving leather, and stay upwind from the machine. ;>) The odor is powerful.

    Start with a lowest power setting and work up in power after testing. Leather burns very easily with a laser.

    I have only done a couple of projects in leather, but none since setting up my Emblaser, but I do plan to do some more with it when time permits.

    Please post some pictures of your work when you can.
    Bracelet 2
  • Thanks John, I will try on Wednesday my first ever laser project. I have build a ventilation box and hopefully it will suck all the fumes away. I will post some pictures.
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    This is the last leather project I did a couple of years ago. Frame made from red oak and stained Early American. Present for the wife.
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    Hi Darklylabs team,
    I was wondering, what settings you used for the engraving in leather. I tried various settings, but i don't get a good result.

    Thanks Sven
  • I am using Cut2D on a Mac ;-)
  • Sven,
    Apologies for the late reply. We completely missed this discussion.

    The settings for the leather we engraved were as follows:

    Darker text (lazerblade etc)
    40% power
    Fill with 0.15mm step-over

    Lighter text
    40% power
    Fill with 0.25mm step-over

    Please note that this was a very soft leather and the settings may have to be tweaked. We found that too much power or too close a step-over caused overburning in the leather.
  • Hi,

    Could you also point out which font you used to get those results? And was it Truetype or Single Line, bold/normal, etc. ? And what is actually the difference between the TT and Single Line?
    The example looks great, really hoping to get those results.


  • We created the text in Adobe Illustrator using a TT font.

    True Type fonts tend to define an area within the letters whereas single line fonts define the letter by one or more single lines.

    This project was created before Cut2D-Laser existed and we used it's brother called Aspire.

    Here are the basic settings we used to achieve this result:

    1: Create text in Illustrator and export to pdf.

    2: Import pdf into Aspire (Cut2D-Laser)


    3: We created 3 tool-paths. One for the bold lettering, one for the standard and one for alignment

    Bold Lettering

    Standard Lettering

    Hope that helps.
  • I just tried to cut through 1 mm. I was not really successful.
  • How is your laser focus?

    ps, To whom that can answer this: what exactly does STEP-OVER do?

    Thanks Julien
  • Step-over sets the distance between passes with the laser when doing a fill.

    The lower the step-over, the closer the laser lines will be together.

    So a step-over of 1mm will mean the fill lines will be 1mm apart and look like distinctive lines

    A step-over of 0.2mm means they will be 0.2mm apart and look like a filled area.

    The ideal value for a fill is the maximum number that will result in a completely filled area. It may take a little experimentation for your material, but somewhere between 0.15-0.25mm usually is the range.
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