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Homing Issue


I have installed the replacement PCB and it works great so thanks guys for the prompt replacement. I will send the old part back this week.

I have another issues now which is stopping me progressing further. When I try to home the laser ($h) as soon as the laser reaches the end of the gantry there is an error which stops it progressing (see video in link). Initially I thought that the belt was too loose so I have now tightened this up but the problem still persists. I have also unlocked the laser ($x) and then entered a few commands via the machine control tab; when I instruct 50mm movements in either the x or y direction it works fine but the problem persists when homing.

Any help would be great! :)

Thanks Paul

Video link:


  • Hi Paul,

    It looks like your FFC is not corrected properly and your limit switches are not being detected.

    The tell-tale sign is that your laser unit fan is not spinning.

    Carefully check you have the FFC orientation correct and that it is properly seated into it's connectors.

    This will fix your problem.
  • Thanks, this sorted it out.
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