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Working Area


The working area of the emblazer is 420mm x 287mm (= piece wood on image), however the reach of the laserhead seems to go beyond that area, see image (yellow crosses). So isn't the working area bigger then 420mm xx 287mm?

Thanks Julien


  • Hi Julien,

    The working area is a little bigger but we play it safe and actually set it to 410mm x 280mm for the A3.

    This prevents and slight differences in assemble or tolerances.

    You can adjust your machine to the absolute maximum if you would like. Be careful that if it hits any of the sides during operation, then you will lost steps and your positioning will be incorrect.

    To change the machine dimensions you need to set 3 paramaters:
    $n0=G10 L2 P1 X-410 Y-280
  • That clarifies a lot, thanks for the follow up.
  • Darn dyslexia... I accidentally set a job to 297x420 (instead of 279x420) and it worked on one design, but the next design hit the edge and lost steps... this makes sense now. I'll have to take the true max on my machine and set up jobs for that.

    It seems the work area isn't exactly rectangular, we should be able to eek out just a little more work area in the middle... probably not worth it though.
  • There is no problem experimenting with the work area. All these parameters are available through GRBL. Just be careful that you are never hitting any of the sides with the extreme movements. This will cause lost steps and potentially ruin your cutting or engravings jobs.

  • dear Domenic

    yesterady I start to test my A4 emblaser, The communication now is ok, but I have some problems with working area, and I suppose also with set-up of EmbLaser

    1) if I move the laser with hands, the movment is perfect without jump or inteference, If I lunch a job, 80% of time the motors jump some steps (on both axis), I loose the coordinate and result is an disaster... probably I missins some "default set-up" of emblaser... can you help me in this way?

    2) Using Cut2D, I try to configure and A4 working area, and positioning thejob in different place of this area... but when I lunch the job, laser go all the time, in left/dawn corner of emblaser... how configure well the working area? there are some good and symple tutorial for this on web?

    3) If I try to regulate speed or power of laser from cut2D I don't see any strong difference... could be that I have to so some preliminary operation to enalbe this function? again there are some good and symple tutorial for this on web?

    4) if I set-up and teamviewer / skype account cna you train me from remote... could be that in 10 minutes you can explane me 90% of knoledge to use your device...

    waiting yours

    thanks for your help

  • HI Luca,

    1: Can you please post the .nc file that causes the jumps in steps here. I will be able to examine it and see whether there is an unusual setting.
    Have you tensioned the belts as recommended in the assembly manual?

    2,3,4: We can definitely setup a team viewer session. I will contact you directly so we can work out a time.
  • Dear

    I solve the issue alone

    thanks in any case

    one question more... is it possibble define and engrave area using laser like pointer for define the zero coordinate...?
  • Hi Luca,

    Firstly apologies for not following this up with you, my time was taken over with some production issues this week. I am glad you resolved the problem.

    I am not sure what you are asking in your question. Do you want move the laser to a certain position and define that as the zero position to start your cutting/engraving from?
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