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OS X version?

Hey I was wondering if there's plans to make an OS X version of the apps like PicSender and the others? I'm a hardcore mac user and I'm considering putting windows on one of my laptops to use these programs but I'd love to know if I can ever expect a native mac version?



  • We have no plans to offer support for OS X versions of our programs. It's a whole different type of programming language we would have to learn. Most of our time we spend now is just for improvments and adding new features to our programs for the Windows environment. Can you please try Windows?
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    No worries! It didn't hurt to ask and I understand that the work behind rewriting for a different OS is a lot of work. I just installed Parallels on one laptop to test it out. I've done it many times so it's no hassle for me really. It's not a dealbreaker for me ;)
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    I've installed PicEngrave Pro (demo) and PicLaser Lite, the current versions on the website and neither work. I'm using the latest Parallels and WinXP SP3. I get an error message:
    Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 16.36.39

    Same exact error for both apps.

    ps. I prefer WinXp as the other newer versions are just too process heavy.
  • I suspect it is due to the following. Not having a MAC, I am unable to verify.
    I seem to remember that the .NET Framework is not automatically installed with WinXP as it is with later Windows versions.

    "This error is caused when the .NET framework is not installed on the target computer, or when the version(s) installed are not sufficient to run the application. The resolution is obvious: install the correct version of the .NET framework before running the application."


  • Thanks for the quick reply! I'll try installing it and see what happens. I'm not very good with Windows as I abandoned that OS many years ago.
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    Good luck. My last use of an Apple computer was back in 1978, so I guess that sort of dates me. 8>)
  • Haha that's quite some time ago!
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