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is it me or is my workspace not A3 size?

edited March 2015 in Archived Issues
today I tried to engrave something that has the exact size of a A3. I even had a little offset.
but when I send the file the head crashed. after the crash it continued on its way but it was apparent that there was something wrong here.

I remeasured my piece but that was the exact standard size: A3 297mm X 420mm

then I checked how far the head could travel with the piece in place having the corner on the zero spot and having it alligned.

the photo is made while moving the head from the start point to the maximum distance on the other side.
Foto 13-03-15 21 54 03
Foto 13-03-15 21 54 22

aparently it cannot travel the normal A3 distance physicaly since the first picture leaves the center of the laser diode nowhere near edge of the piece. did I do something wrong while assembling?


  • Hi Guido,

    You didn't do anything wrong during assembly.

    True A3 dimensions are 420mm x 297mm

    During the many revisions of our design we found that we lost 10mm in the y-axis once we went into production. This was a result of changes in the laser carriage with the addition of the circuitry.

    All version 1.0 kits have a working area of 420mm x 287mm. We use 420x280mm as a safe working with some tolerance around the outside.

    With the latest upgrade kit (ver1.0 - 1.5) we gain an extra 5mm in the y-axis, bringing the machine workspace up to 420mm x 292mm.

    I hope that makes sense.

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