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First impressions!

I received my Emblaser yesterday and spent the evening putting it together. First off, I'm fairly handy and good with making or putting stuff together.

Although it took some time, assembling was a breeze and I didn't encounter a single problem with it. I did make the silly mistake of putting the laser part the wrong way around so left was right and right was left. I quickly fixed that.

I only use Apple computers and I can't be bothered with Parallels or Boot camp to use windows. I've had my share of experimenting with that before and I got tired of it.

I tried the .nc document supplied by Darkly to try the laser out and it worked right away, perfectly fine! I then found the Cut2D Mac OS X version, tested it and followed the quick tutorial and I've learnt a lot really quickly.

I just want to say that I'm very happy with the laser and can't wait to use it some more in the near future. I hope Darkly find out a way to get more power out of the kit, with some kind of upgrade in the future.


  • Agreed... seems like a great design.. only wish was a higher wattage option for the laser module.
  • Lets hope the Darkly guys have plans for some sweet upgrades in the future! I'm happy with it as is but if they find a way to make it even more powerful, I'm sure I and many others will be happy to have the option available. I've obviously not tested it to its full potential yet so I don't really know how much this thing can do.
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