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How to register Pic Laser Lite?

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Hey guy's just got everything put together and loaded an image into pic laser lite however it's in the demo mode because it's not registered. I can't find a license key anywhere with what came with the system. Please advise.



  • Jeff from Pic Laser took care of this for me even though the issue was not on their end.... Thanks Jeff it's greatly appreciated.

    -Mike Baier
  • Hi guys i got the same problem, could you please help me too.
  • Hi Carsten,

    have you looked in your gmail spam folder for it? I will send it again shortly, so look for it.

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    Hi Jeff,
    Let me know if you need any info from us on this.

  • Hi Domenic,

    Carsten was in our database already. It had to be another gmail spam issue, so I just sent the registration email again.

    Carsten, can you please confirm you received it? If not, I can give it to you in a PM.

  • Hi,
    I got the same problem. There is no mail in gmail to indicate the license number, neither in the Inbox, junk nor spam folder. (However it has been more than 30 days since it was supposed to be sent, so if it was treated as spam it is most likely deleted automatically long time ago.) Can you resend to me too?

    Frode Heggelund
  • Hi Frode,

    Yours was originally sent on 12/22/2014 and most likely was deleted by gmail by now.

    I just resent it to you, so look for it and please confirm you received it.

  • Got it, thanks a lot!
  • The same as mine, i don't get the a license key
  • Hi Wong,

    2/1/2015. I just sent it to you again, so please confirm you received it this time.

  • I'd need the license key as well. Thank you
  • Hi Bryan,

    I just sent it to you again, so look for it and please confirm receipt.

  • Thank you, I received it.
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  • Hi Guys, Cant find license key for pic engraver lite..
    Any idea.. :(
  • Hi Tamas,

    The PicLaser-Lite disc supplied with the Emblaser or downloaded is a demo only.

    A full license can be purchased from our website here:
  • Yes, I have the Emblaser, and I got the cd, but the problem is the disc is damaged on the top because the the text engraved by laser on the disk surface, so im not available to read it at all.
  • Hi Tamas,

    Here is where the latest Demo download link is.
  • hi so what is the point to get a disc with demo software ???
    Now I paid for PicLaser-Lite ... now just waiting for license key..
  • Hi Tamas

    You stated the Demo disk you received was damaged and I posted a link to the download. A Demo is for you to try before your purchase and does not matter if it's on a disk or a download. If you purchased PicLaser Lite from the Darkly Labs web site like they recommended above, then I will receive your information from them shortly and send you the license key asap.

  • Hi Tamas,

    Your registration license has been emailed to you.

    Thank you.
  • Thanx I got it.
  • Hi Powers that be, my spam filters ate my pic-laser lite codes. Could they please be resent.
  • Hi Andrew,

    I just relocated this discussion into the Picengrave section.

    Jeff from Picengrave should be able to resend you your license code.
  • Hi Andrew,

    Your not in our database, so a PicLaser Lite registration was not sent to you.

    Contact Darkly Labs concerning your purchase as they have not sent us your information.
  • Andrew,
    We are looking into this and will contact you directly.
  • Hi Andrew,

    We just sent your PicLaser Lite registration to you, so look for it in your inbox or spam folder.

    Thank you.
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