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Cut2D-Laser for OSX

We have created a Mac-Friendly version of Vectric's Cut2D-Laser software.

It is in 'experimental' phase right now but has been working quite well on the mac computers we have tested it on.

Head over to here for details:

Let us know how you go.


  • It works great for me! I'm running 10.10.2 Yosemite on two laptops and the only issue I've found is that when you're setting the toolpath and if it's very complete (as in it takes a long time), if I try to cancel it, the app crashes but that's not a big issue at all.
  • Thanks for the update and glad its working for you. Mac users were really missing out on this indispensable program.

    The other issue we found was the the 'update' functionality does not work. We can get around that by publishing a new app whenever Vectric make an update to the software.
  • That sounds like a good idea!
  • Works great for me too! Thanks (a real native version would be even better) :-)
  • Hi Gabe,

    Glad it's working well.

    We agree that there needs to be more native Mac software out there. Unfortunately the area if CNC machines has been dominated by Windows and Linux for a long time.

    I do know that some software developers are gearing up simplifying the process of creating both Win and Mac versions of their software.

    From what we have seen with respect to the Emblaser, there are far more Mac users out there than we had originally anticipated.
  • There would already be far more development in cnc software for Apple users if the market could support it. Unfortunately, the hobbyist market does not yet justify and support the large investment in time required to allow that to happen. Perhaps the relatively recent development and release of the Emblaser will hasten specialized Mac software development.

    Regards to All,
    John Champlain
  • Hi John,

    Thank you for your insights.

    I can tell you that 35% of our kickstarter backers selected Mac OSX as the preferred platform they will be using for the Emblaser.

    Being Mac users ourselves, we certainly would encourage any developer to consider offering their tools for the Apple community.
  • edited May 2015
    So I'm in the process of setting up my laser cutter and I'm up to page 16 - and this is appearing when I press "Open" on the Universal GCode Sender. Help please?
    I should mention this in Mac OsX I guess...
    EDIT: I realised this is in the wrong forum section. :/
  • Hi Faith,

    I have answered this question here:

    Please let us know if you need more help to get going.
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