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Downloading Cut2D Laser for Mac

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Hi There, I have just set up my machine and am trying to download the software (Cut2D Laser & Pic Laser onto my mac computer. Can anyone please tell me how I can do this. Im lost!


  • Hayley,
    The software is currently PC only. We use parallels to run it on a Mac.

    BUT, we have just found a way to make Cut2D Laser work on a Mac and will make the app available very soon. And by very soon, I mean in the next day.

    Hold on just a little longer and you can be one of the first to try it on your mac!

    As for PicLaser-Lite, the same process hasn't worked. We are still looking into how to make this available for Mac users.

  • Awesome Domenic!! Thank you so much!!! I will wait patiently!!
  • Head over to here for the OSX version:

    Please keep in mind this is still 'experimental' and may have some issues we have not come across yet.

    Let us know how you go.
  • Thanks so much Domenic! I have downloaded it, will have a play around with it today. Ill be in touch!!! Thanks again!!
  • I've been using this version of Cut2D-Laser on my mac with mostly good results so far - however I've found that it crashes when trying to paste in an image to use as a template.

    This feature works fine in native Windows.
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    Ahh waited a bit longer and it will install it just takes a looooong time. Please can you add to the downloads links to X11 and XQuartz for MAC users as you will need these to run the software!
  • This link doesn't seem to be working?
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