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Waved lines appeared on X-axis


I have finished assembling my kit today and just start to test the lazerBlade by burning the First Cutting File. Lines on Y-axsis are fine, but I found every lines on X-axsis were waved as you see the picture. Could you give me a clue how could I make these lines straight??


  • Hi Noriaki,

    Please check the following:
    1: The bearings are inserted correctly into the belt pulleys
    2: The belt pulleys are moving freely.
    3: Check you have set the belt tension correctly as the instructions showed.

    If these are all correct, please try to tighten one of the belts by one tooth and check if the problem is better or worse. If worse, loosen this belt by one tooth and tighten the other.

    It is important that both gantry carriages touch the extents at exactly the same time.

    Please let me know how you go with this.

  • Thanks so much about your help.

    I tried your suggestions 1,2,3, It is very difficult to find correct belt tension but horizontal lines are getting straight. I will try and try more test for this problem.

    The other thing I am in for trouble is about the laser beam.
    When I was holding down the red button, I recognize that laser beam is coming from the lens as focus mode. However, when I was holding down the button for 2 seconds or more, I could not see any short blink from the red LED. It seems that I am not able to get out from focus mode. What should I do for this case?
  • Please check that your laser guard pcb has it's two connectors correctly inserted into the laser head pcb.

    Secondly, check that your laser guard is fitted correctly. When fitted correctly it should depress the switch on the laser guard pcb.

  • It works! Tanks so much of your help.
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