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Rail Bracket incorrect size

I've recently received the A3 Emblaser and while assembling it, the M4 bolts required to attach the rail brackets (Part em-0027) to the top panel do not fit.
I attempted to drill them all out, but the counter sinking is still not wide enough to accept the M4 screws. I then tried to widen the countersink, but accidentally drilled all the way through with a 6.5mm bit. Is there an updated part that I can re-print with my makerbot?
I could also just use the m3 screws on the un-damaged brackets, but would that result in alignment issues later on?


  • Hi Matthew,

    Firstly, apologies for this problem. I will have to check our stock as this problem should not have occurred.

    I have placed a printable part here:

    Better to use the 4mm bolts to alleviate any alignment issues.

    Let me know if you have any problems.

  • Hi Domenic,

    I have come across the same problem with my A3 kit too.

    The head of the M3 bolts fit perfectly inside the rail brackets. But the hole in the perspex seems to be the correct size for the M4 bolt.

    What do you suggest?


  • We have just confirmed some kits shipped with brackets for M3 bolts. This is a change we had planned to make down the track to reduce the overall number of different nuts & bolts in the kit. The part found its way into our current printing schedule by mistake.

    Options are:
    1: Use an M3 bolt / nut to attach the brackets. It will be a little trickier to align the rails this way, but achievable. Do not tighten the brackets down until you have ensured the gantry moves freely. For this you will need to source 8 x M3x12 bolts, nuts and washers.

    2: If you have access to a 3d printer, we have placed the M4 bracket file in the download section for you to print.

    3: Contact us directly and we will post you replacement parts immediately.

    Apologies for this inconvenience.
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