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Alignment issues not straight


300mm / sec 50% power .001

I set my laser up and didn't realize until I started doing fonts that I had an alignment issue. I followed the instructions on how to setup the belts and they appear to be spot on. However if you look at the photo I have a issue that needs to be fixed. two of my rail mounts were not the right size and I had to drill the holes bigger for the screws so maybe that is the problem?

the straight black lines I added in photoshop after to show the warp of my engrave.

also is that why my black isnt solid all the way across on the panda ears? outlines and small stuff always look fine but fill areas are a lot lighter.

Please advise, thanks,


  • Hi Tim,

    Can you try to print the vector test file found here:

    Please post a photo of the result.

    Also, are you sure your feedrate is 300mm/sec? At that speed you are probably losing steps which could account for your alignment issues.

    When you have areas that do not fill correctly like that it is usually feedrate related or stepover. Try slowing down your feedrate slightly first to see whether it solves the problem. Otherwise if you are seeing discrete engraved lines, try reducing your stepover.

    Finally, which parts did you have to drill out to make fit?

    Let us know how you go.
  • What is a good mm/sec to use? Default was 50 I believe but the photo tips and tricks said 300 was great for image and speed while doing photos. Is there a speed / power guide made that I am not reading?
  • Information can get mixed up pretty quickly when dealing with mm/min, mm/sec, in/min & in/sec.

    Although it varies per material, a good starting point for engraving is:
    Feed Rate - 52 inches/min / 1321 mm/min / 22mm/sec
  • That mm/sec info above is very helpful and I will test it again once I get this alignment figured out. Got to go to work :(

    So added red lines to show how straight things are. the vertical is pretty spot on but my left / right is sagging.

    alignment 2
  • also I forgot to take a photo but two of the four guide rail mounts that bolt onto the clear plexi were tweaked. I had to drill the holes bigger for the bolts to fit through. Can I get two replacements?
  • edited March 2015
    I ended up making the bottom belt a few teeth tighter and that seems to have corrected the issue, so far so good.
  • Great!

    Can you tell me whether both gantry carriages touch the machine edges at the same time with this adjustment? Just wondering whether you have had to offset the alignment to fix this.
  • they touched at the same time before so I thought I had my belts setup correct because of it. Belts before felt a little loose but now they feel a lot tighter but not overly tight. its hard to judge the 5mil for the first belt so just went up two teeth and tried it again.
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