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Replacement printed parts

I have noticed that the X-Axis head carrier on my unit has split. Also, early clumsy attempts at cutting etc has damaged the laser shroud. Is it possible to get replacements or, better still, download STLs to print?

Thanks, Nigel


  • IMG_0048
    This is the split referred to. Nigel
  • Hi Nigel,

    You have a few options.
    1: We post you out some replacement parts.
    2: You wait a little longer until we start offering the v1.5 upgrade kit which replaces the laser carriage with an improved version.
    3: Download and print the parts which can be found in the download section under 'Emblaser 3D Printable Parts'
  • Thanks for your prompt reply. I'll just print replacements while waiting on the v1.5 upgrade kit.
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