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Cutting Clear Acryllic

Has anyone tried Cutting clear acrylic yet? I used it before at a Fab Lab but they had a much more powerful laser. I just attempted my first cut on it and had a very strange result. The side that I was attempting to cut from was completely unscathed, The other side however, had an engraved outline of what I was attempting to cut. I was thinking maybe because the laser is blue it may be having no effect on the clear acrylic, but I could be wrong. Any suggestions or other results from you guys?


  • Hi Kyle,

    The 445nm laser frequency will pass straight through clear materials.

    If the material is thin enough, you can give it a coating of black paint and then cut it. The paint will help concentrate the laser heat near the surface to instigate cutting.

    We have cut opaque white and black plastics before, but clear is tricky.
  • I'm extremely interested in being able to engrave clear acrylic ... it is one of the main things i hope to do with this unit... what information can you provide on being able to engrave designs into thin acrylic ?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi Mike,

    There is a good discussion thread going on here about this:
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