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Alas, more broken pulleys!

I thought I had dodged the worst of the early model problems, but after a small cutting job (< 5 min) I found fragments of pulley in one corner. I then inspected all of them, only to find four pulleys broken/cracked.


I don’t have access to a 3D printer, so I’d like to get some replacements.


  • Yikes!

    Firstly, we will get you replacements out immediately.

    We have never experienced this with the pulleys we have used in house (and there have been many used) but a number of users have reported this happening.

    As part of the upcoming update, we are actually eliminating this plastic pulley and replacing it with two metal flanged bearings. See the image below:

    001a Idle Pulleys copy

    The flange bearing details are:
    F696ZZ (6x15x5 flanged bearing)

  • Forgive my ignorance but can I buy those bearings locally or can we order them from you? My pulleys seem fine but I would buy them in case.
  • Hi Phil,

    We will be offering them both on their own and also as part of an upgrade kit very soon.

    These new flange bearings need a slightly longer plastic spacer (10mm length instead of 8mm), but you can always source them locally and add a couple of washers on the shoulder bolts if that is easier for you.
  • Hint: the original bearings in the pulleys make perfect spacers for the flange bearings.
  • The replacement parts have arrived. Many thanks!
    I'm looking forward installing them and getting stuck into more projects.
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