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error: Expected command letter

I have been trying to engrave an image but i get two error:
In my first test i get "error while starting file stream: null"
In my second test with other image i get "error: Expected Command letter".
Trying to reduce the variables i made this:
1. I send the emblaser your file - test OK was engraved
2. I load your 60_shades.bmp and generate de .nc file using piclaser lite.
3 I send the .nc file to the emblaser and run, but after that the head moves to 0,0 i get the message "error: Expected Command letter" after each line and the laser head doesn't move.


  • Hi Javier,

    Does your nc gcode file have any commas in the commands lies? If so, it will error like that. We have a new version that corrects that so PicLaser will generate periods instead of commas.

    Our new version can be downloaded here. Lite.htm

    You may have to delete the PicLaser Lite subfolder in the Windows system folder ProgramData first before installing the new version.

    Please let me know if this corrects the problem with the error you are getting.

  • Jeff, the new version corrects the problem of "error: Expected Command letter". With the old version appear commas in the commands lines.

    Thank you!

  • That's great Javier.

    Thanks for letting us know it corrected the error. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

  • Where is the latest version? I have 1.0.0 registered and I can only find the 1.1.04 JT version on the website and that won't register for me. Is there another file I'm not seeing or am I doing something wrong?
  • It can be downloaded from our forum. It's the 1.1.03 version.
  • Thanks for the quick reply, all up to date now. Would be cool if there was a link to that in the darkly labs downloads forum for others like me. I had a quick look in your forums but missed that bottom update forum. Thanks again.
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