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Cutting Tyvek - or not

Source material: Letter format white Tyvek from
Goal: calibrate the speed and laser power to cut Tyvek
Snag: does not cut

In detail:
No matter how slow and no matter how high the power, Tyvek seems totally unaffected by the laser, not a trace of a cut or burn, no darkened spot at all on either side.

If I place a piece of white paper on top of the Tyvek, the paper gets sliced through easily and the Tyvek gets cut but unevenly.
If I blacken the Tyvek with a felt pen it cuts also unevenly (probably because of the uneven darkness).

So I wonder has anyone tried Tyvek and what would be the best solution to laser cut Tyvek with the Emblaser?
Should I use an inkjet printer to "paint" the cut areas black?

Looking forward to reading about your experiences.


  • What are you trying to do with the Tyvek? I have an industrial size roll in my garage i can play around with if you need something specific you'd like to figure out.
  • Two things:
    1/ laser-cut it
    2/ laser-punch pinholes in it

    I have not taken the time to try #2 on plain paper, but I assume, just like #1 it is very straightforward. (I am currently limiting my use of the Emblaser as I have no proper ventilation and temperatures outside went as far down as -25°C recently, now warming up to a balmy 0°C).

    Tyvek on the other hand seems to not absorb the heat at all and be totally unaffected by the laser.

    Like I said my next try is to print a black pattern with my inkjet that overlaps the cut profile, then try a cut again. If you fancy doing something similar or finding the most efficient, least messy, and most accurate way to prepare white Tyvek so that the Laser will cut it, that'd be great.
  • Ok, I finally took the time to run some more tests.
    Unfortunately for me the Tyvek experience has been widely unsuccessful.

    I pre-printed thick black lines (relatively easy to align correctly prior to run the laser on them) with my inkjet printer (Canon iP5200) on my white Tyvek Letter-sized sheets.
    I then ran the laser at speeds as low as F80, with full power S255. The result is a very uneven cut, some burning in places, while other places do not get cut at all.

    So I am giving up on laser-cutting Tyvek.
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