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Best material for cutting and building models?

What is the best material for cutting? it's thickness? Will use for models, like jtronics_dragon_01_display_large_preview_featured


  • "Best material", a bit like how long is a piece of string.

    For the type of model you posted I would suggest Balsa wood as a starting point. It is cheap, easy to cut at high speeds (I have cut Balsa at 2500mm / minute) and available in a wide variety of thickness and size.

    It does not give off any toxic fumes when cutting and is generally produce from sustainable resources.

    On the downside it is fragile and requires careful monitoring when cutting, particularly if you have a lot of direction changes in your tool path as the deceleration/acceleration may result in burnt spots as the laser “pauses” to change direction. Many of my traditional CNC projects came to grief early on when getting a 20kg cutting head to do a 180 degree direction change travelling at high speed; it is not so much of a problem with Emblazer but you still get occasional burnt spots.

    Once you master Balsa you could consider acrylic, particularly if you added some edge lit LED lighting, very impressive results have been achieved.

    Good luck
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