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Y Axis Homing / Vibrations

For the life of me I can't get it to home into the Y axis. X works just fine, but Y hiccups and moves barely and then stops.

Also, the travel seems very rough when homing, it's super loud, lots of vibrations.

g0 x150 is smooth as butter
g0 y100 is smooth as butter

but whenever I try to home, it basically moves the x to the far right and then stops moves a tooth y and then stops for good. And while it's doing that it's vibrating like mad and so loud.


  • Please try the following:

    The loud noise / rough movement could possibly be the stepper motors missing steps.

    1: If you slowly move the gantry around by hand, does it smoothly reach all the extremities of the the machine? Is there any area where it becomes more difficult to move?
    2: Have you checked the belts are tensioned correctly as in the latest instructions?
    3: Are all the belts correctly sitting in their pulleys etc?
    4: Is there anything obvious interfering with the belt movement?

    5: If you enter a $$ command, do the returned values match the GRBL defaults for your machine?
  • 1. Reaches everything normally, moving the laser diagonally feels better than moving it in the x direction. But it still reaches all points without much force.

    2. Yup, did them twice.

    3. Yes.

    4. I've noticed nothing, I've looked at the pulleys and the motors over and over again.

    5. Values are similar.

    I did notice that when I "G1 X100.000" or G1 Y100.000" the laser moves diagonally even though only one direction is supposed to be moving. The motor on the left doesn't move. However with G0, I don't have that problem.

    When I home, both motors move at the same time, moves X and Y, I read it's supposed to do X, then do Y. When X is reached, the homing stops at wherever Y has reached.
  • Because of the coreXY belt system the motors will not move discretely between each other. Their combined motion is what results in the x and y movement of the laser carriage. So this is normal.

    Please check the FFC cable if inserted correctly into it's connectors. This not being the right way around or not fully inserted could result in the limit switches not being recognised during homing.

    The fan on the laser carriage not spinning all the time is a good way to see if your FFC is not connected properly.

    One other thing, if you turn on the machine with the laser carriage at the bottom left position and issue a home command. While is is homing, manually press the x-axis limit switch and the the y-axis switch and see whether the machine registers them. This way you can stop it before it hits the edges.
  • The only thing I'm absolutely sure about in this assembly is the ribbon cable, I fix phones as a hobby and know how that goes pretty well. The fan on the laser is constantly on.

    I'll check the limit switches when I get back home.
  • Well the switches worked fine. And I think I found the culprit in all of this. The left stepper motor isn't functioning properly. Unplugging it reduced the noise and made the laser head move smoothly.

    How do you suggest I go about testing it individually?
  • I've noticed on the wires connected to the board that the right motor is connected (from left to right) as Black, Green, Red Blue. The left motor is Black, Green, Blue, Red. Is this correct because both of them have the same leads coming out of the motors.
  • Please check the motor cables match this diagram below.

    If they are correct, please carefully switch the stepper driver boards around and see if the problem then occurs on the other motor. Be especially careful to plug the stepper driver boards in the same orientation as they are now. Please look at the user manual for this if you are unsure. This could damage the electronics if plugged the wrong way around.

    This will help us eliminate what is causing this.
    Motor Wire connectors
  • Well, cables look correct. Little confused, do you want me to plug the long cable into the short cable location on the board and see if that works?
  • No, the main board has two stepper driver boards. They are located right next to the motor connectors. Plug the motor1 driver into the motor2 spot and vise versa. This will help determine whether it is the stepper driver board that is faulty.
  • edited February 2015
    Please see the image below regarding the stepper driver boards or motor driver boards as the instructions refer to them.

    Emblaser - Motor Driver Image
  • Houston, we have lift off. Switching them seems to have fixed the problem. No strange sounds and the paths are going well so far.
  • Ok,
    That is great.

    Both stepper driver boards are exactly the same so it could have been a case of them not being seated properly after transportation to you.

    Glad you have lift off!
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