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Incorrect Cuts and Sketchy Machine Movements/Sounds

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So I must be doing something very wrong, because my machine is acting very strange and I am worried it might damage itself. I created a very basic cutting file to help align items to be engraved. I drew a square at each corner of an 8.5x11" file, then I went to "Cut and Fill" ( and selected some basic settings as you can see in the linked image. I then went to "Save Toolpaths" ( and generated an .nc file. I then opened the file in Universal G-Code Sender and sent it to my printer.

Here is what comes out: I can upload the video if needed, the machine just makes some very jerky movements and scary noises. The first time I ran the file UG-CS said the job completed fine but the laser unit did not re-home, it stopped somewhere in the middle of the print area.

What am I doing wrong here? This should be a very simple cut to help me align my materials until the files are provided that you guys mentioned during the KS campaign.


  • Please email me your cut2d project and or your .nc file.

    We can see what is going on and get back to you.
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    Hi Blake,

    From your files it looks like there are a couple of settings you could adjust.

    1: You have your dimensions for the workspace area set to 11"x8.5" (279.4mm x 215.9mm) in Cut2D-Laser. The maximum workspace for the A4 are 11.8" x 8.2" (300 x 210mm)
    The noise you are hearing is possibly the laser carriage hitting the machine edges. These revised settings will fix this happening.

    The updated gantry carriages we are releasing will utilise shorter bearings will should give you the full 8.5".

    2: Your first tool path is set to 50mm/sec (3000mm/min). This is more than likely too fast for you to cut or engrave your material. A good starting point would be around 20mm/sec (1200mm/min).

  • How do I change the settings on a per-path basis? I am having trouble really doing anything with the Emblaser due to these difficulties, along with not knowing what power to set the laser at for different materials. I suppose I naively thought I would be able to just import an image, tell the program what material was being cut/engraved, and essentially press "go". One feature that would be really awesome to have would be a "trace" option. Where you could import an image into Cut2D, then trace over the lines you want cut/engraved.

    When do you think the September pledge backers will be able to acquire these upgraded parts?

    What would you recommend for engraving high-impact polymers? Specifically these magazines:®-20-ar-m4-gen-m3--5-56x45.

    I also would like to know what settings you used to pull the anodization off of aluminum, this was the material I was most excited for. I can't wait to tattoo up my AR-15s. I went back to look at Update #5, where you showed the different cutting abilities of the machine (, but could not find the settings you guys used.

  • Hi Blake,

    You can select a paths (or paths) and create a tool path for them, setting their power and cutting speed as required. You can create as many tool paths as you like and either save them all out into one cutting file or individually.

    Most machines like this need some amount of experimenting. Even if we supply a list of materials and power levels / feedrates, materials all differ slightly and you would have to experiment a little to get the exact results you need.

    We are making the upgrade pieces once our website is completed. Hopefully within a few weeks. If you would like them sooner, please email me directly and we can work something out for you.

    We do not have experience with engraving this material. I would recommend you obtain a sample of some material and run your tests on it. Start with the default 50% power and 1000mm/min and work from there.

    Removing anodising required 100% power and around 300mm/min feedrate.

  • ...what's your email address?
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