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Cut2D-Laser update

edited June 2015 in Vectric
Vectric have just released an update for Cut2D-Laser which fixes a few issues.

To update your program, got to the 'Help' menu and select 'Check for updates'. Then follow the prompts.

This update addresses two key issues:
1: The post processor is updated to Ver 2.5, This fixes the incorrect brackets issue resulting in a cutting file not completing cleanly.
2: You can now correctly enter numeric values in the tool-path power field


  • Hi There,
    Is there a way to install Cut2D-Laser without a CD? I have no CD drive in my PC. I looked on the website and it seems you can only download trial versions of different types of Cut2D. Just a link would be good if you have one?
  • Hi Simon,

    The installer for the latest version can be downloaded from here:

  • im told by vectric that upgrades are sent out how are they coming ?? email? or from the software? i still didnt see anything
  • Vectric sent me an email a couple of days ago with instruction to set up a customer software portal account. After setting that up I've got a page for the new software download. I haven't done the download and install yet because I don't have a PC to run it on but I hope to remedy that today.
  • Like Jared I received an Email from Vectric with a download link a couple of days ago. Puzant, did you register your original Cut2D software with Vectric?
  • yes i\even in the software it says its registered to my name and last name. i had this issue when i originally bought the emblaser my software info didnt come for a month. and than i contacted darkly. i guess ame issue again. something has to be off with my account. im hoping they will email me something soon i emailed their support.
  • i think i found it jared was correct its in the portal is it called 8.0 desktop?
  • Yes, that's the latest version.

    I bought a used PC laptop today so as soon as I'm familiar with it I'll download the new version and try it out. I'm wondering if I should upgrade it to Windows 10. Does anyone here have the new version working with the new windows?
  • I have it loaded onto Win 10. I have not used it yet other than a brief run to look it over. I have not found any other programs I use, including our own Pic software, that will not run on Win 10.
  • Runs fine on Win10.

    Please remember VTransfer is still in 'beta'. If you do experience problems, please submit them as a 'Support Request' in our Help Centre.
  • Hi the download link does not work. The file seems to have been removed from Dropbox?

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