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I am testing Engraving file: 60 and Rogers, but only obtain black. How to obtain tonalities. Excuseme i don´t know how to upload images with results


  • Hi Antonio,

    What type of material are you testing this on? It could be that the material burns too easy at any power level and that is why no shading. We did the example engraving using Poplar wood and the settings we used in PicLaser Lite was for that when we generated the gcode you are testing with.

    To attach photos/images, click on the little blue box at the upper left corner when you are posting your comments and then a upload window will appear to attach a image file from your PC.
  • Hi Jeffery

    Thanks for your answer
    I think that the wood burns too easy
    First black triangle in the photo is when starting Roy Rogers, cancellated
    Second rectangle is 60
    When starting first lines was perfect i think that TTL engrave will be perfect for this wood19991231_210232a
  • If you generate the Gcode yourself in PicLaser Lite, you can use a lower Max laser value of 200 and min laser value of 0. Set the feedrate at 2540mm. It takes some trial and error time to get everything just right.
  • 20000103_151617a
    You have reason. It takes some trial and errror time to get everything just right.
  • Antonio,
    This is a great result and a perfect use of the test file.

    It is interesting so see some of the redder tones that comes out of the wood at certain power levels too.

    I would recommend you write your settings used on that piece of wood and keep it handy. You will find it useful to compare to other types of woods.
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