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Broken Fan Shroud

My kit/parts just showed up. I am ready to put it together. But first... a fan shroud was broken in transit. Its a 3d printed part. Do you have .STL's available? I can reprint the part if so.


  • Hi Brent,
    We will contact you directly about replacement of this part.
  • Thank you! That was a very fast response and it worked great.

    Couple notes from my assembly:

    Top of page 12 in assembly manual (6.8) doesn't note the nut/bolt size. i figured out that's it the M3 hardware... its just not specified.

    The nut retaining recesses in the chassis brackets (EM-0015) are for a larger nut. Makes assembly challenging since the gap is big enough to let the nut spin, but doesn't afford clearance to get a wrench or socket on it.

    The belt holder is brilliant, i love it.

    The belt retention clip (EM-0014) broke during installation... seems a little too small for the application. I used a dab of silicone for a temporary retainer.
    Do you have an .stl or better yet a 3d model i could play with to get that just right.

    i saw some motor back feed in the PCB... i.e. when i put the belts on and move the laser head it spins the belts... if you go quick enough, an LED lights on the PCB and the fan right near the PCB starts spinning.

    I probably dropped it during install, but i ended up 1 M3 nut shy.

    Time to switch over to the operating manual and test it out.
  • Hi Brent,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    We will make the adjustment in the documentation as needed.

    We will post the belt clip file for download.

    With respect to the motor feedback, this should not be a problem unless you move the axes back and forward very quickly. This could damage the electronics.
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