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Trouble in Paradise? The Laser will not enable :(

So it's together and in Machine Control - Homing is working - Commands to Move Work. The fan over the laser is on. End Stops are read. I reseated the ffc at the Laser head. When I hold the red Laser Button - Nothing happens. I sent a command to turn on @ 10% "M03 S10" - No Laser :( Help Plz


  • Glad you are at least in paradise....!

    Is the laser guard in place and triggering the laser switch?

    When you say nothing happens when you hold down the laser button, does that mean the the red light doesn't come on? It should go red and then after 2 seconds make a blink.

  • The laser guard is off for focusing. I have tried now with it on and off. Yes correct, no Red Light. I hold the Laser button and no red light at anytime.
  • I could make a bypass for the Laser Guard Switch for testing with a shunt if that would help?
  • Hi Brandon,
    Can you do one more thing for me.

    Please remove the programming jumper and then connect to the Emblaser. You should have a response from the Safety MCU.

    Please let me know if this happens.

    We are working on a new program to re-flash the firmware and will get it over to you to try for us.

    Otherwise, we will get a new board out to you immediately.
  • No Joy :( I do appreciate how quickly you respond. to post. Thank you
  • Ok, looks like this is where the issue is. The safety MCU controls the enabling of the laser and without the correct code running you would have this result.

    Do you have a windows machine to plug the Emblaser into?
  • I could, Right now I'm on a Mac. I own a ridiculous amount of computer for testing purposes,
  • Q - do I need all of the software in place to run the update or is it a standalone Executable?
  • You only need the arduino driver installed to recognise your board. Everything else is standalone.

    I am messaging you directly with instructions.
  • RESOLVED - Board replaced
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