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Useful Cutting / Engraving Files

edited October 2015 in Tips & Tricks
Cutting file:
DXF file: Emblaser_VectorTest.dxf
Cut2D project file: Emblaser_VectorTest.crv

Contributor: Darkly Labs

Engraving file: 60
Image file: 6_Shades.bmp

Contributor: John Champlain (PicEngrave)

Cut2D project file: 10x10_grid.crv

Contributor: Jyri Saastamoinen

A4 Extents cutting file:
A4 Extents Cut2D project: extent_A4_v3.crv
A3 Extents cutting file:
A3 Extents Cut2D project: extent_A3_v3.crv

Corner holding pieces PDF: Corner_holding_pieces.pdf
Corner holding pieces .nc:
Corner holding pieces .crv: corners_holding_pieces.crv

Contributor: David Hathaway

Here are the files from Jeff's excellent explanation of image engraving.
You can find the discussion article here:

Roy Rogers Original Image: Roy_Rogers.jpg
Roy Rogers BMP image: Roy_Rogers.bmp
Roy Rogers Engraving File (Inch):
Roy Rogers Engraving File (Metric):
Contributor: Jeff Woodcock (PicEngrave)

An excellent method for testing materials and determining the ideal cutting power and feed-rate.

Material Test Matrix: Cutting Matrix.crv
Contributor: Jonathan Louie
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