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Latest Emblaser Engraving

I engraved this one yesterday on Poplar, using PEP5 to generate 893,641 lines of gcode. Took 2 hours and 56 minutes at 90 ipm / 2286 mm/m with a 30% Feed Rate Change. Pixel Resolution was .007 inches / .1778 mm. Power ranged from S20 (white) to S255 (black). I think engraving at an angle across the wood grain improves the final results. I also prefer to have the wood grain direction lined up along the X axis. The engraving is 8.1 inches / 207mm wide x 5.4 inches / 137mm high, and was cropped to fit the wood size. Both the original and the engraving are shown resized here to reduce forum bandwidth.


Lindbergh Poplar #3


  • Amelia Earhart
    PLL DL version - Poplar - 795,705 lines - 3hr 12min - 1500 mm/m feed rate - 0.1778mm pixel resolution - S20 to S255 - 45° angle - approx. 180mm wide x 140mm high.


    Amelia-Earhart-by-Airplane 2
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