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Calibration Cutting File

edited October 2015 in Tips & Tricks
We have created a simple vector cutting file to get you started.

You can use this to both test your machine is working and also as a method of ensuring your machine is performing properly.

We recommend placing a thick piece of card or scrap of plywood in your work area when running this file. The purpose of this file is not to cut through your material, but leave behind cutting marks that you can examine and measure.

File Specifications:
Cutting speed = 500mm/min
Laser power = 50% (S=127)
Cutting area = 200mm x 200mm
Cutting origin = Bottom left corner (workspace 0,0)

The cutting file:
Send this to your Emblaser via UGS

The DXF file: Emblaser_VectorTest.dxf
Use this to experiment in other programs

The Cut2D-Laser project: Emblaser_VectorTest.crv
Open this in Cut2D-Laser to see how it works or change the cutting parameters.

What to check after running the file:
- Measure your result and ensure the dimensions are the same as in the file (see image below)
- Check how straight your lines are.
- Check the shape and integrity of the circle
- Check the lines intersect at the right places
- Check the thickness of the cut.

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