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3Mil Nut Attachment - a quick way to avoid the frustration on the corner supports

edited January 2015 in Tips & Tricks
Although there are openings in the corner brackets to assist with placing the nuts on the screws, this can be a very frustrating process, especially if you have larger hands as I do. To make this step easier, in the beginning when you are attaching the plexiglass cover, use one of the 3x30 longer screws to push through the hole, attach the nut and then use the screw to pull the nut into the bracket - this will seat the nut into the proper position and the bracket will hold the nut temporarily - unscrew the 3x30 and use the 3x12 with washer as stated to make the connection. In the end, attaching the feet is very frustrating because you don't have any 3x30 screws left and these nuts are harder to attach. To solve this, tear a very thin strip off of the tape supplied to hold down the ribbon cable (masking tape). Attach the tape to the nut and then you can use the strip of take to guide the nut into position - use one of the hex tools to push it into the correct position and the tape will keep the nut aligned...20150116_082022


  • Hi,

    This is a method that was suggested on my first Makerbot. You know the old school one you built. Anyway I have since moved to Rubber Cement. I find it works wonders and will hold a faster but not bind. It is also non conductive. I often leave it in place but if it bothers you it can be peeled off after the fact.
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