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Belt Crossing touches the support bracket

After applying tension to the belts, both belts touch the support bracket. There is no position where the bracket can be relocated, because there is insufficient clearance between the lower belt and the plexiglass.


  • I put extra washers on topside to shorten M3x12 so, that it does not touch the belts anymore.
  • great idea...unfortunately mine is also touching the bracket..I think this solution is best served by having an external bracket, that way there is no interference to the moving parts.
  • Mine touching the bracket too. I am going to remove that bracket at all for now.
  • We are working on a solution for the belt rubbing against the front bracket.

    For now, leave this part off as Vyacheslav has done. Just be careful if picking up the machine not to hold it from the front chassis panel.
  • Leaving that off does not seem to matter . I am thinking we make a bracket that attaches on the outside. That way the only thing close to the belts would be the head of the bolts..
  • My Frame was bowing at this point. I reused the paperclip that came on the FFC to make a bracket to wrap from the top to the side, Wrapping it up around the bottom of the side. This is working well. I'll post a picture later.
  • Hi All,
    We have just posted the revised front chassis bracket that eliminates the rubbing on the belts.

    Feel free to download and print one up if you have a 3d printer from here:

    Otherwise, it will be part of the upgrade kit we will be releasing very soon.

    Brandon, send some pics of your solution when you have a chance. It could be a good solution or interim step for users.

  • I'm really curious as to how this wasn't discovered as an issue until right now. There is no way this wasn't happening on the machines during the KS campaign, what's the deal?
  • Hi Blake,

    Here is the deal.

    We used our machines for many months during development without any problems due to the belts rubbing. It wasn't flagged as an issue by us at that point (but looking back now, should have been). We were juggling many many things at that time including growing pressure to get kits out from our backers.

    When the first kits went out in Dec 2014, the issue was raised almost immediately by customers. We started working on a fix. We offered a solution of leaving this part off which solved the problem temporarily.

    We have now released a new part which eliminates the problem. You can either download it and 3d print it, if you have the ability to do this, or wait until we release our upgrade kit.

    Hope that satisfies your curiosity on the chain of events.
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