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head crash

edited January 2015 in Archived Issues
Hi, i've a problem with the emblaser, when i send .nc file to the machine, the head start to move and crash in the opposite corner.. I think it's a cut2d xy datum settings, but i'm not shure.. Anyone can help me? Regards. Michele


  • Hi,

    A4 or A3 model ?

  • Hi,
    as you can see in Page 5 of the user manual, the machine 0 point (after homing) is at the opposite of the workspace 0 point.
    What you should do before starting a job is move the Laser to your job's 0 point.

  • Michele,
    Can you please confirm this is the xy datum point setting you are using in Cut2D? It should be the bottom left corner.
  • Thank you all! Now works perfectly :D
  • Having the same issue. I have the A4 one I take it that you always have the 'job size set as you have 305x210?
    I also put the datum point as the top right thinking that the 'home' and 'datum' were the same.
  • Hi Adrian,

    Home and working origin are different. 'Home' is top right and a good position for the laser to end up to clear the workspace. The workspace origin (xy datum) is always the bottom left corner.

    We have made a small adjustment to the A4 maximum x value after noticing some of the laser guard PCBs had extra long component feet left on them. This reduces the workspace by 5mm but ensures there are no clashes.

    For A4 machines ONLY we would recommend you enter the following commands into UGS to set the new parameter as follows:

    $n0=G10 L2 P1 X-300 Y-210
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