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Laser height for lasering

The gap that is below the laser shield is much taller than the thickness of the focus tool. If i am cutting paper, or other material that is pretty thin, it is advised to always put a piece of wood underneath to raise it up?


  • You should be able to slide down the laser unit to just a few millimetres above the base. Be careful when pushing it down as there could be some resistance towards the end and you don't want to bend the rails etc.

    We always use a piece of sacrificial 5-10mm plywood to rest our work on. it makes it easier when dealing with this materials like paper. It also means that you don't end up engraving into your base plate.

    I will add this to the users manual.

  • Not sure how to post images here, but here is a link to my current gap, it is as far as I could get it to go down.
  • I figured out my awesome mistake. I attached the rubber feet and was just resting it on the metal plate, instead of attaching it all together. So yes, it si very close to the surface now. :D
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