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The received Gantry Carriages are different from the Assembly Guide

In the Assembly Guide, the belt pulley is separate from the carriage and should be configured as configA or B. However the part I’ve got is different: the position of the pulley holes on the carriage(both left & right carriages) are 2 fixed sticks. And the pulley can not be assembled as either config A or B. the pulley can not even put into the stick!

Is the part be changed without updating the guide? Or what have I missed?


  • Hi Stephen,

    The gantry carriages come with two shoulder bolts installed into each. This is to make sure they are threaded for correct alignment.

    You need to carefully remove the two bolts and use them to create your config A & B as in the instructions.

    Please let me know if this doesn't make sense.

    thank you,
  • Thanks, problem solved.
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