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Alignment Issues

So when I realized that you guys were using 3D printing instead of injection molding I was worried that things like this would happen, I hoped that there would be some sort of QA checks to prevent this stuff but when an inconsistant manufacturing method is used there's not much hope to catch it all.

I am bolting in the side panels to the legs and frame brackets and have had constant alignment issues. Take a look:

The answer seems obvious: slide the side panel to the right so the holes line up. But nope; the right side is already bolted in to the leg, so something is clearly cut too short or long here. There is no way it can be shifted and still line up on the right side.

How should I proceed?


  • Hi Blake,

    The corner brackets have been a regular source of difficulty for customers to assemble and we have actually changed the design to make it easier and line up better. This unfortunately doesn't help you right now.

    Your problem looks a bit different to the corner piece holes not lining up. It actually looks like an incorrectly cut front chassis piece.

    Can you please remove the front polycarbonate piece and check the holes are symmetrical? This would be the holes on the bottom corners and also the one in the middle which you have photographed.

  • Oh the legs are the other part to this nightmare, I just figured I would post one issue at a time.

    Well I think I found the source to this particular problem. I took the front piece out and used my calipers to measure their distance from the edge. One is .85mm and the other is 5mm away from their prospective edges. This measurement is taken by sticking one caliper finger inside the hole and the other outside the edge and closing it as tight as possible, then collecting a reading. Not only that but the center hole is off-center by about 1/8".
  • We will replace this part for you.
  • Cool, do you need any information from me? About how long do you think that will take?

    How far should the outside holes be drilled from the edge so I can try to make this work in the meantime?
  • We only need information if your delivery address is different to where the kit was shipped to,

    We will courier these to you, so you will be looking at a few days.

    The correct distance of the hole center should be 5.5mm from the outer edge.
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