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Assembly hiccups

About half way through assembling my Emblaser and I've run into a few minor hiccups.

-Part EM-0015, the printed chassis bracket nut holes are way too large, the nut just spins.
-part EM-0016, the printed chassis corner top few layers separated, looks like something was pressing on it in shipping
-Part EM-0011, stepper motor plug was chipped and bent, i was able to bend the pin back and determine correct plug direction based on the second stepper that wasn't damaged.

Overall pretty minor things and I'm able to continue without much modification.






  • I also just assembled the gantry, the bearings for the laser head didn't gliding smoothly. They appear to catch on something, and when I took the laser head off the rails several bearings fell out.
  • These were two of the several that fell out that I could find.

  • I stopped at the FFC bracket, going to have to find a file.
  • Hi Mason,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Your package appears to have had a significant knock to break the corner pieces like that. Please let us know if you would like to send you out replacements for these.

    The motor connector is unusual because it could only be possible if something quite sharp and thin hit it hard through the bubble wrapped bag. I am glad you managed to straighten the pin out.

    The linear bearings are very delicate. They must be inserted very carefully onto the linear rods or bearings will come loose. A few bearings coming out like this will not be noticeable in the functioning of the machine.

    The reason the chassis brackets have the larger nut recess is because they were originally designed for M4 bolts and nuts. We changed this to M3 just before shipping the kits and this part had not been re-printed in time. If you can manage to hold the nut in place with some small needle nose tweezers while you secure the nut you should be able to tighten it up. Remember that this bracket does not need to be tightened too much. It just provides some extra support for the chassis sides.

    We will be releasing the revised .stl file shortly. If you have access to a 3d printer you can print the part with the correct nut recess size.

    With respect to the FFC Chassis bracket, can you tell me whether it is a tight fit (which it should be) or just impossible to push into place? All the samples we have tested here are correct and insert with a very tight fit to squeeze the FFC and hold it in place.
  • I've got access to a 3D printer (RigidBot for those who care) so I'll print another corner bracket in the next few days, along with the correct size chassis brackets.

    I had some spare linear bearings floating around so i just swapped them out and they glide fine now, it was only one bearing that was crunchy and catching.

    As far as the FCC bracket, its simply impossible to get in with/without the cable in place. I'm using some binder clips and rubber strips to hold it in place at the correct position untill i can modify the bracket.

    All that I have left to assemble is the aluminum base and rubber feet and I'll be operational.
  • DarklyLabs, what setting did you use to print the parts? (Layer height, material, etc.)
  • edited January 2015
    Hi Mason,

    We generally print with the following settings:
    0.3mm layer height
    230 nozzle
    110 bed
    Feedrate 120-180

    0.3mm layer height
    220 nozzle
    Feedrate 100-150

    The parts mentioned above can be either PLA or ABS.

    Hope that helps.
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