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Faster Photo Engraving



  • You must not have duplicated my settings if your getting errors in PicSender. What are the actual settings you used in PEP5?
  • i have tried again very carefully and got the image to run the full 1/2 file that the demo allows, all be it very dark, presume I have to edit the picture brightness and/or contrast before saving, also running the 4w laser on full power, maybe turn down?, any further tips? thanks.
  • Hi Simon,

    The setting examples here are for our 2.8W EmBlaser, so yes with the 4W EmBlaser, a lower Max/Min 3rd Axis depth would be required. We don't have a 4W LD for testing, so It would be difficult for me to make any exact laser power value setting change recommendations. It would depend on the lens you're using and smallest focal point size you're able to achieve too.

    Most likely the 4W has a larger divergence than our 2.8W has, so you may need to set the Pixel Resolution at .01 instead of .006. The Pixel Resolution will affect the size of your engraving also, but at .01 it will engrave the size of your image.

  • thanks for your reply, I have now purchased the licences. I will have to have a play, I bought a 3w laser too so I can try changing that out. Pic attached of my first effort very 'DARKLY'!
  • Also, is there literature I can buy to inform more about how the code works with the machine, a what does what sort of thing?
  • Hi Simon,

    here is some info to help you. Programs Page/PDF Files/misc/Laser Testing Instructions.pdf Programs Page/PDF Files/misc/Understanding Gcode.pdf

    Also in PicEngrave Pro 5 there are two PDF files. One is Tutorial PDF and the other is Help PDF. The buttons for viewing them appear after loading an image.

  • Great, thanks again
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