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Vtransfer Arlarm

Hi guys

I cant get my laser going, I've been trying on and off since I got it, have had my, computer genius friend, buy, to have crack at it.
When we go in to vtransfer it just say alarm and won't home, we tried with UGS, but again alarm:

Grbl Darkly Labs Ver1.6 ['$' for help]
['$H'|'$X' to unlock]


  • edited February 2016
    Try this ... with the machine turned off slowly (by hand) move the laser head to somewhere in the middle of the work area then turn the machine on.

    In UGS or Vtransfer make sure the machine is connected to/communicating with UGS or Vtransfer by clicking the refresh option. if it's connected you'll see Arduino displayed and you'll hear a little noise/click sound from the machine. In UGS type the $X (unlock) then $H (home). The laser head should then go to the home position. (top right) In Vtransfer go to the jog menu and click the home option. Again the laser head should move to the home position if the machine is communicating with the program.
  • Found out that there's a bug in the circuit board, so they have called it back.
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