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Which Software ? Advice please.

Hi Everyone - I'd really appreciate some advice - Just put together our new A4 Emblaser (went together like a dream). My main use for this will be engraving cardstock that can be pressed into clay etc to transfer the design (really sorry if I use all the wrong terminology here). Design doesn't have to be deep but needs to be something you would feel running your fingers over it. I've attached an example of the type of images I would use and would really appreciate some advise on which software to use (without spending too much at this point). Basically I want to etch away the black parts of the design.


  • Hi Karen,

    Our PicLaser is inexpensive and can burn/cut the black areas usining your images.

    We also have a program called PicFRC that will optimize the laser gcode path from PicLaser by speeding up and lower the laser power in white areas and slow and increase the laser power to burn the black areas to cut down on engraving time.

    Then we offer our full featured PicEngrave Pro 5 image to gcode program that can do allot more then our PicLaser including what PicFRC can do also. It also has Skip White to cut down on engraving time even more.

  • What happened to the edit button? Last I looked it gave 1 day for editing a post. :-1: usining? :p
  • Thanks very much Jeff - I have a trial copy of PicLaser, I'm going to have a look at it today - will the trial version let me send to the Emblaser ?
  • Hi Karen,

    The PicLaser Demo will generate half of a gcode file that you can test sending to the EmBlaser. It does not have an internal gcode streamer, so you can send it with the one you have been using.

    Here is a thread I started with some recommended settings if you have the 3W EmBlaser set at the default amps.
  • Thanks Jeff - I may be being dippy but I've saved my GCode and can't work out how to send it to Emblazer (I'm trying both ways of etching the image and have done it from Cut2D and want to see how it works from PicLaser now). If you could explain how to send saved GCode I'd be very grateful.
  • Hi Karen,

    Look at the last post in this thread. It's a better PicLaser settings reference for the black & white images you are wanting to engrave.

    Third from the last post in this thread that includes a video engraving a Black & White image of a generator is a good reference also.

    We use PicSender to stream our gcode files to the EmBlaser. The VTransfer that is included in Cut2d Laser should be able to send the PicLaser gcode file too. Not sure how since we don't use it, so maybe someone else can chime in with instructions for you.

  • Karen, you didn't say whether you have the latest version of Cut2D that uses Vtransfer for sending gcode files or the earlier version and using Universal Gcode Sender (UGS). You should be able to start either program though and have them load/open your gcode file and send it to the machine, but PicSender (designed specifically for sending PicLaser files) will do the job flawlessly. Well worth the small cost.
  • Hi Jeff & Jared - Thanks very much to both of you for your help - have now managed to send a file through PicSender, it's eaten through at the edges but I think I just need to play with it. I want to buy the SW but am a little confused between whether I need/want PicLaser or PicEngravePro5 (I am assuming I need PicSender with both of these). At the moment my only need is to take B&W images and etch them into card (etch about .2mm deep). Sorry for the delay in replying to your kind help - combination of timezones (I am in France) and life.
  • Just a quickie Jeff - I have tried etching a black box and the black is obvious lines, is there a way of changing the stepover (I need the black to be etched out.
  • Hi Karen,

    In PicLaser it will only follow the same path once or multiple times depending on N0. Passes setting. PicEngrave Pro 5 will step in by the Width of Pixels (No. Passes) setting you input and you can set a feedrate for the just the border also.

    To answer your question about PicSender. It is not required to use it, but we do recommend it for reliability reasons when running fast changing, very large raster gcode files that our programs generate.

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