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pen or pencil engraving

Hi i am a pencil maker i want to know if somebody know how to engrave a pen or pencil.and can you please send me a message or video to how do it.from start to finish untill the machine engrave the pencil.thank you. luc


  • I have engraved pens. Is this what you are looking at doing? (See Pic)
  • Hi daryl can you please tellme how do it from start to's new for me i just bought this machine and i had gor 1 week only.thank you sorry for my english. LUC
  • Hi Luc, Well the two most important steps are getting the pen accurately placed on the baseboard and making sure the laser shield does not hit the pen/pencil when engraving. Some pens are not parallel. I do all the following steps in CutDLaser.

    1. Draw a rectangle the same size as your pen/pencil.
    2. Draw a centre line through the centre of the rectangle and extend it through the axis say 30mm both ends.
    3. Save the above as an outline toolpath.
    4. Place your text where you want it inside the rectangle you have created.
    5. Save the text as a separate toolpath.
    6. Place a sacrificial board on to your aluminium baseboard and make sure it cant move around. I use double sided tape for this purpose.
    7. Engrave your rectangle & centre line and this is use to accurately place your pen/pencil on the baseboard.
    8. If your pen pencil is an irregular shape do an engrave of your text with the laser off to check that the laser head safety shroud does not catch and roll your work.
    9. If all is good repeat step 8 with the laser on and your work is done.


  • Hi Daryl i appreciate thank you very mutch i will try this soon see you soon.

  • Make seem simple, but how do you get the text to print 'solid'?
  • Choose Fill instead of Cut ..... see attached picture.
  • thank you my friend
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