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Second Project - Wood and Foam

I guess this isn't technically finished yet, but the idea is pretty well formulated. I recently picked up a Ruger Mark III pistol, but didn't have anything nice to store in. With the red dot sight, it won't even fit in the nylon bag. I had my father make me a small cypress box (he is a retired cabinet maker with way too much free time).

For the lid of the box I used a simple Ruger logo. I cut the outline at 100% 50 mm/sec and two passes (I think). The hashmarks were a little less power and only pass.

For the filler I used three types of foam. The bottom layer is a dense 1/4" foam just for a base layer. I followed that with a much thinner red layer for contrast. The top layer is something called Kaizen foam. It is about an 1 1/8" thick but made in layers so you can peel back certain features. The cutting of this foam is a bit tricky. I did two passes at 5 mm/sec (100%). That did not make it all the way through. I think i need to go slower as opposed to more passes. For the magazines I did 2 passes of 25mm / sec, that went as far as I needed it to go. I peeled back two of the 1/8" layers. I will be doing the top layer over again with different settings when I have some more free time.

Besides the other project I just posted I have been doing a few things just fooling around. Overall I am very happy with the tool. It is going to be a lot of fun.


  • For "just fooling around" you are making some good looking stuff. Did you test the liner foam for chlorine prior to cutting it, or did you otherwise know it is laser safe? A friend wanted me to cut his DJI Phantom carry case foam, but it's six or eight inches thick and glued into the box! So much for that project.
  • I did some test cuts that went all the way through, but toward the bottom the lines were not straight anymore. I decided to cut a little faster and finish the job off with a knife. I think I may go back and try a bit slower. I will post an update if I get significantly better (or worse) results. I admit I never did any specific research for chlorine. I am still here so I guess all is good.
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