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Motors slowing during job

I've been trying to engrave a picture and keep running into an issue where the motors will slow down part-way during the engrave, leaving part of the job a lot darker than the rest.
I'm running Win7, using PicLaser Lite and VTransfer.
Pic attached is the first attempt I made, I wasn't supervising it when the fault occurred so I didn't see what happened (it would have been around 7hrs into a 10hr job). For the next attempt I regenerated the .nc with different settings (faster feed rate and higher max laser setting) and I was there when it failed. This time it was about 90% complete and the motors just started moving slower for some reason. Any clues what might be causing it? Any issues with Vtransfer and large .nc files?
I've checked the .nc files (which are about 60mb) and can't see anything that might be causing the issue (like a rogue speed setting command FXXXX). I don't want to start another 10hr job to have it fail again!



  • Can't say for absolute sure but using PicSender instead of VTransfer to stream the PicLaser file might be what's needed. PicSender is designed to work with PicLaser files.
  • Hi Tim,

    As Jared stated, PicSender was developed for fast changing, very large raster image engraving gcode files that our software generates. PicSender has been tested to flawlessly stream 10,000,000+ lines of gcode.

  • Hi Tim,

    Up to now we have not experienced any slow-downs like this with VTransfer in the lab.

    Keeping in mind it is still in 'beta', these issues need to be looked into.

    Could you possibly email me ( the .nc file you are having problems with as well as info on your computer system (o/s, processor, memory etc). We can test this and also work with Vectric if needed to determine why it is happening.
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