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A3 Laser workspace template

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody out there has created a A3 base template for engraving on say MDF where the outer limits are are defined, cross hair denoting absolute centre and any other markings that would provide a helpful guide for project placement? I'd love to make one and share but have no idea where I'd start in terms of generating the gcode and it be right the first time. I'm a noob so still learning. Any insights would be much appreciated.



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    When you start a new file in Cut2D you're presented with a blank page that is the size of the workspace (at least that's what happens when I start a new file). You can create whatever kind of grid you want using the guides (drag them from the rulers) and the drawing tools in Cut2D. The guides are useful for precisely laying out a grid then you draw the appropriate lines over the guides. The guides will snap to the increments shown on the rulers and the lines you draw with the drawing tools will snap to the guides.

    When you have a suitable grid drawn you use the Calculate Paths tool to assign a power level and speed for the laser to use on the grid lines you've drawn. Save that and use that file to etch the grid into whatever material you've used for a baseplate. You don't have to calculate any gcode ... the Calculate Paths tool does that for you.

    The first one I did I drew a rectangle 5mm in from each of the sides then lines, horizontal and vertical, 20mm apart. That proved to be more lines than needed. You can draw whatever you think will work for your purposes.
  • Brilliant. Thank you Jared! I'll give it a go.
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