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Can "Aspire v8" works for emblaser?

That's not for laser cutting but I can use that s/w with my emblaser?
Is there any simple method for that?


  • Yes, you define a new tool, copy the diamond drag point and rename it laser. I defined the tip as having a 0.01" dia, a .1 angle, a 0.004" line width and step over. spindle speed regulates power from 0 to 100. feed rate is normal (inches or mm/sec or min). Copy the Darkly labs post processor from the laser cut to the Aspire post processor folders. HTH
  • Below error was occured.
    "Can't output to unkonwn machine Vtransefer"
    How can I handle this? ^^;
    img_1.jpg 110.4K
  • Can't send .nc file direct to vtranfer but by opening nc file in vtransfer can run.

    How can I set emblaser's power and feedrate to toolpath calc. section? replace z-axis? ^^;
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