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Cut 2D laser Desktop ??

How does one import a Photo V Carve, Cut 3D, or Partworks 3D into Cut 2D Laser Desktop, there really does not seem to be any info on this.


  • Hi Jerry,

    I am not familiar with those packages directly.

    Cut2D-Laser does allow you to import vcarve files (.crv) but I am not sure about the others.

    Can you be more specific on what you are trying to do and I can ask Vectric about it.
  • I was just curious what settings I needed in vcarve for any given photo to import into Cut 2D. I used to vcarve quite a bit and am use to the settings to get a desired effect when using a cnc, but I'm not sure how settings in vcarve will transfer over to Cut 2D. I have tried a few projects, but just end up getting blobs when opening in Cut 2D While Cut 2D is a great program I cant seem to find any information on how this process would work.

    Thank you much for any help and info.
  • Cut2D is strictly for cutting vectors (or filling/engraving vector shapes). To engrave photos you need to use PicEngrave and PicSender, different programs which do an excellent job with photos.
  • Dear Darkly lab,

    i received a photo about the upgrade of Cut 2 D version 8.0

    Could I download it and use it on MAC OS as I used to work with the previous one? I remembered that you have written something about how to use the windows version on mac, but I can't find it anymore.

    Thank you for the support

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