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I don't know why...

I cut 1080 ea 1mm rivet to 0.7mm thick namecard paper.

Is this cut2d laser's bug?
I don't know why skip some inner circle objects (almost half of all).
Especially engraving object is skipped landomly ㅠ
result.jpg 938K


  • This could be a result of the feedrate being too high for the rivet cuts.

    Try a test where to create one toolpath for the outer cut. Then a separate toolpath for the small rivet holes that is slower.

    Check is this makes a difference.
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    I had separated layer of inner and outer individually at begining and
    outer cut: 200 mm/min, 70% power 2pass
    inner cut (for engraving): 150 mm/min, 30% 2pass

    If I speed down inner cut's setting then inner object cut over (I want to engrave).
    So If I power down then inner object skipped landomly again..ㅠㅠ
  • This is another try's result. .
  • Your feedrates are very slow, so they should not be a problem.

    Are the shapes randomly missed or is there a consistent pattern?

    Can you post a basic .nc file or .crv for me to check for you?
  • Randomly skipped ..
    Here is crv file
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    DarklyLabs, Did you any reason why this result occoured?
  • Did you find any reason why ? ^^;
  • Submitted as support ticket.
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