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Setting up and using PicSender

I've downloaded and installed the demo versions of both PicLaserLite and PicSender and think I've managed to get a file ready to engrave using PicLaserLite.
I have PicSender recognizing the emblaser and have loaded the file to engrave but I'm not sure how to set it up to jog the laser head around and move to a point where I want it to start and make it start there. I'm confused about the numbers to fill in the various boxes. It's the A3 emblaser size I have. Some help with understanding all the panel options in PicSender would be much appreciated.



  • Hi Jared,

    First, select the GRBL PWM Code, then I assume your using Metric units, so select it at top right, That will set the jog values in the jog drop down menu for the X&Y axis and the feedrate values in the Fx drop down menu. Send M03 & Position Sent should be checked.

    In the Do Cmd. window type in $N1=F1000. then select the Do Cmd. button. That sets the default jog feedrate in grbl every time PicSender connects to the com port,

    Select the $H button and Home your EmBlaser, then select the Goto 0 next to the X&Y DRO's. It will send it to your work X&Y zero place if this startup block is set like this: $n0=G10 L2 P1 X-420 Y-280.

    To jog, select the distance value in the drop down menu in the center of the X&Y jog buttons. Make sure it shows Inc. (G91) above the Jog buttons. It can be changed with the Mode button. When you have jogged to where you want to start your jobs X&Y zero place, select the Zero X & Zero Y button.

    PicLaser Lite is no longer offered for sale, so I assume you are referring to PicLaser. It starts the X&Y zero place at the lower left corner of the image to be engraved.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  • Thanks Jeff. That all sounds easy enough. As soon as I get the time I'll be giving it a try again. I know after I work with it a bit more it will all become clear.
  • Hi jeffery, i have picsender i done everything you send to Jarred it's all good but now can you please tell me step by step what to do to engrave a picture or photos. thank you very mutch. sorry for my english i hope you understand what i want. LUCIEN NOEL
  • Hi Lucien,

    If you followed my instructions above, you have your laser focused properly and have it set the correct distance from your material, It's just a matter of loading your gcode file with the "Load" button and then selecting the "Send" button.

    Are you testing the Demo of our PicLaser or PicEngrave Pro 5 software and need help with the settings? If so, which one?

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