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How to setup and use 'VTransfer' tutorials

We have created two articles to help you get started in using the latest version of Cut2D-Laser and VTransfer.

If you aren't familiar with this, VTransfer allows you to send jobs to the Emblaser directly from within Cut2D-Laser. This significantly simplifies the process cutting and engraving.

Note: At the moment the latest Cut2D-Laser and VTransfer is only available for Windows. Mac users will need to run Windows under Parallels to use this latest version.

The articles can be found on our Help Centre here:

Article 1: VTransfer Setup
Article 2: Running a job with Cut2D-Laser via VTransfer.


  • Sounds great :) Have to try this out on the weekend.
  • This works like a charm. I've had a clean win10 install so I havent been emblazering much (very busy with other stuff). I needed to get something cut and engraved again so I tried this new method

    The only things I needed to do on my windows 10 was install the arduino software and this cut2D laser desktop 8.0 version. and then I'm done.

    I created the "thing"I needed to do. (lots more tools in this cut2D version)
    and the checkbox in "output direct to machine". I forgot to use the suggested settings so I had to home my laser and start manually but it worked very well.

    thanks for simplifying. Love it.
  • Where can I download the vectric Cut2D-Laser lastest version?
  • Cholubin,

    If you have registered your version of Cut2D-Laser v1, Vectric would have sent you an email with this information.

    If you have not received it, please contact Vectric directly on
  • I found that download link. thank you ^^
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