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Cut2D Laser Desktop V8 for (Mac)

I have a question on the upgrade we have just been supplied from Vectric for the Cut2D Laser V1 to Cut2D Laser Desktop V8, are we going to see a Mac version of this application as per the V1 I am currently using??


  • At the moment the same process we used for creating the mac-app for version 1 does not work.

    We are looking into this further. For now your options are to either stick with v1 or implement a system like Parallels to run it through windows on your mac.
  • Thanks for the update, I have been thinking of installing VMWare as per my other Macs so I may just go ahead and do this and see if it works OK.
  • We have been using Parallels for many years now successfully on everything from an iMac to MacBook to Mac-Mini.

    Windows 10 is also a free upgrade from earlier Windows versions at the moment so it could be a good time to take advantage of that too.

  • Yes I was using Parallels originally but changed to VMware quite a while ago now and use that on all my other Macs (I have 6 of them) when VMware 8 came out I upgraded to that but still using Windows 8.?? and have not upgraded any of them to 10 as yet but may consider doing this, my problem is that some of apps I use in my Amateur Radio do not play well with Windows 10 at the moment so I have been a bit reluctant to go that way, but may do it for the CNC Mac, it is a Mac-Mini. It's good to know you are using the software OK on the Macs under Windows though.
  • Where are you Ian de VK3AWA
  • Hi Daryl, I'm a VK2HK, central Coast. Just going to say that I have installed VMware on the Mac Mini, Windows 10 and the Cut2D Laser Desktop and have done some test cuts on some leather, some 3mm MDF and some etching as well, all works well direct from the app. I will do some more over the next few days.
  • Good work Ian.
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