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Every year when the annual rubbish throw out is on, I check out what people are throwing out. In particular timber. In my retirement I build musical instruments, mostly ukuleles. Last year I turned an old outdoor table into a ukulele. It's on again this year so yesterday I dragged home a bunch of timber venetian blinds. The slats are 25mm x 2.5mm. Once I got them home I stripped one of the blinds and run a timber slat through my drum sander to get rid of the stain. So then what can I make with only 25mm wide timber strips???? Well, I'm always finding centre lines on materials and I have a store bought centering rule but it is sometimes too big when working on smaller jobs. So I found the answer. I now have enough timber for about 30,0000 rulers. :-) This timber engraves and cuts beautifully with no smoke residue. I don't know what it is but figure it would be out of Asia originally.


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